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Making Friends Out of Colleagues

One of the advantages of working in a company with strong commitment to culture is employees have the opportunity to socialize and become well acquainted with each other. This is something that Maren and Margaretha came to know while developing a close friendship outside of the office after working together for only six months. Maren has been with Fearnley Securities as an accountant for two years, and Margaretha joined the Fearnley Family in September 2018.

Margaretha og Maren in Fearnley Securities
Get to know Maren & Margaretha

When I first applied for the position as a Compliance Officer at Fearnley, I was prepared for a tough and masculine environment, considering that the industry is generally male-dominated. That misconception quickly changed after I met the management and their colleagues. I was also lucky to find an instant good friend in Maren, as we share a common interest in both climbing and skiing, says Margaretha.

Both of them agree that the industry has a somewhat unfair reputation for being tough and difficult; however, they described the culture at Fearnley Family as social and informal. Maren continues to talk about the social gatherings after work. 

We enjoy ourselves immensely at company events where management spoils us with educational opportunities, and the chance to socialize and come together as a work family. It is incredibly inspiring to hear Even Matre Ellingsen, CEO of Fearnley Securities, hold his motivational speech to the company when we are all gathered at such events. He always leaves me with the feeling that this is a company I want to be a part of.


Even Matre Ellingsen, CEO of Fearnley Securities, always leaves me with the feeling that this is a company I want to be a part of.

Maren og Margaretha, Fearnley Securites
After work

As they both share a common interest in climbing, they often spend their free time together at a climbing studio in Oslo. In addition to this, both Maren and Margrethe have several hobbies.

What I like about climbing is that it requires full presence in the moment and deep concentration. It can be uncomfortable to hang several feet above theDSC00014 ground, and you must keep your head in the game if you are going to reach the top. When you finally manage to climb to the top, you gain a great sense of mastery.

We are very active both, with many hobbies that take up most of our free time. We are concerned with work ethics and are happy to put in the extra hours at work when needed - with that said, people aren’t questioned if someone needs to take a few extra hours off in favor of other happenings in life.