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From Finance to Norwegian Rally Champion

Despite his young age, Eirik Borge (33) has managed to become a veteran at Fearnley Securities. Over the course of his twelve years with the company, he has grown to become an important part of the organization. Today, Eirik is working as a part of the firm’s Corporate Access team as an important facilitator between issuers, investors and Fearnleys own professionals.

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Get to know Eirik Borge

Being young at Fearnley is exciting. You become part of an environment that, in some ways, is characterized by competent senior colleagues - which allows you to play an important commercial role while simultaneously learning from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

The fact that I have had different kinds of roles in the firm during my twelve years has been crucial for my motivation. The days are constantly changing; You go to work and you think you know how the day will be - then it turns out to be something quite different.

Projects may span over a long period of time, but in terms of the abundance of things you do, you move quickly.

Eirik Borge, Fearnley Securites
After Work

I’m a navigator on a small rally team. For four seasons now, we have competed in the Norwegian Championship where the first season ended in a giant collision. We managed to build the car up again at a record pace, won the bronze medal two years ago, a silver medal last year, and then the gold medal finally came home this year.

Eirik Borges Notebook for Rally Navigation

The combination of work and rally as a hobby involves a lot of traveling. Luckily, Fearnley Securities is a good supporter. They accept that I may take a few extra days off to keep up with the championship and they sponsor our rally team financially. In fact, rally and finance have a lot in common. Both may fluctuate in pace, but the intention is to always move fast forward. I end up in situations that can be demanding, where I have to make quick strategic choices at the same time as I’m moving 100 kilometres per hour.

Eirik Borge holding his notebook for NRC navigation That's how it is at Fearnley as well; Projects may span over a long period oftime, but you always have to move quickly. In both fields, success is strongly related to awareness, execution and having the guts to venture forward.